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5 Ways to Watch Local Videos with Friends Online

Written by Lars Karbo on December 28, 2020

Now, more than ever, it's important to connect and keep in touch with friends. Sometimes you want to watch local videos together with them, but what if they are on the other side of the world? Here are some ways you can stream your local files in sync with your friends.

PS: we are not talking about watching Netflix, Hulu or Disney+ together. We are talking about files, mp4, mov, etc...

5 Ways to Watch Local Videos in Sync

5 ways to watch videos with friends

1. Use Screensharing

As we all have gotten used to since the pandemic, screensharing can work for watching things together. It is fast to set up and can be done in any video call app ([Zoom] for example).

However, screensharing usually gives [terrible video quality] and noise cancelling can make the sound unhearable. There might be better options for you.

2. Syncplay

Syncplay is an application specificly made for this purpose. As long as everyone has the videofile, it will precicely and synchronized make everyone watch it in sync.

However, you will need to [download the application] (available for Mac, Windows and Linux), and also [syncronize the video file] manually with everyone.


Watchtower Local is a paid but more user friendly alternative to Syncplay and available in the Microsoft Store. Just create a room and make sure everyone in it has the same file with the same filename.

The video will be played locally and Watchtower Local takes care of syncing the built-in player and playlist with the others!

4. Upload files to YouTube

This method seems weird, but it actually works. Go to YouTube and upload your movie file. Set it to unlisted. Then use one of the many services for watching youtube together, and enjoy.

Cons: Youtube might take parts of the video if it gets detected as privacy.

5. Good Old Telephone Method

Send the video file to everyone, then call them. "3..2..1.. play!". Tadaa, everyone is in sync!

You still have the problem with syncing the file to everyone though.

6. FileParty

FileParty is the easiest way to watch local files in sync with friends. It handles file syncing and plays the file easily and syncronised for everyone. It is browser based and works in any browser!

  1. Go to FileParty and make a room
  2. Give the generated URL to your friends
  3. Drop your video file
  4. Enjoy! You can now play it in sync with your friends

FilePary synchronizes files through P2P webtorrents. You don't have to upload the file anywhere. It goes directly to the recipient. This also means that it's great for [looking at pictures together] or just [sharing files quickly].


Watching video in sync makes it feel like a more real experience. Technology provides a lot of different ways to achieve this. The easiest and best result you probably get from FileParty.